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About Ola Molade

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Ola is a Transformational Coach & Speaker working with professionals and business founders/leaders who aim to establish a legacy, whilst continuing to thrive from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective.


Ola’s background includes over 25 years’ experience working in financial services running multi-million £ change programmes; running her own business; and, bringing up 2 children. Ola is also a qualified nutritionist as well as a life coach. 

Ola came to coaching having had first-hand experience of how coaching can open up new possibilities and opportunities, which allowed her to resolve situations that had seemed completely impossible. The transformational effects coaching had on her life led her to explore coaching further and become an accredited coach herself.

Ola believes that everything is connected. 

All the inputs that come into our lives – the messages we hear, the beliefs we embrace, the foods we eat, and so on – all impact on how we experience life…

Ola works with her clients to illuminate how much choice they have over the inputs they are accepting in their lives so these choices can be utilised to create a different/enhanced experience.


Ola regularly runs workshops and webinars looking at issues such as Burnout, Impostor Syndrome, Self-Care, Work-life Balance and Workplace Stress.

Coaching Approach

Ola’s coaching approach is holistic and takes into account all aspects of your situation.

Ola helps you unravel your thoughts and responses so you can see why you act or feel the way you do. She uses questions to help you hear your own innermost thoughts/fears so you can see beyond seemingly difficult situations and gain clarity to move forwards.

Ola is supportive and believes everyone has the ability they need to achieve their goals and dreams – she just helps you get out of your own way!


Why is Ola Different

Many coaches focus on a specific type of coaching – career, executive, leadership, etc.

Ola realises that everything is connected, and she coaches the whole person – all of your dreams, difficulties, desires, and aspirations.

She focuses on listening because at the end of the day, all that is required for coaching to have a great effect, is for you to really hear what you are telling yourself (most times unconsciously) about what you can or cannot do.

If You Have Never Tried Coaching

You might want to consider coaching if you feel some aspects of your life could be different/better; or if you have goals you would like to achieve but find you never quite follow through on making them happen.

Coaching provides a confidential and safe space to explore the underlying reasons behind the areas you struggle with and allow you to create new paths and ways forwards.

Benefits you can expect to experience from coaching include:

  • Ability to move forward towards goals

  • Significantly reduced stress

  • Improved habits around health

  • Achievement of work/life balance

  • Enhanced leadership skills

  • Improved work/business performance

  • Better job satisfaction

  • Difficult relationships normalised

  • Additional energy / empowerment to take on life

Each and every one of us is a diamond in the rough – working with a coach is like having someone help polish off the unnecessary edges and bring out our true light.


  • Member of the International Coaching Federation

  • Diploma in Transformation Coaching

  • Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Master’s in business administration (MBA)

  • BSc Computer Science

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