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Banish Cravings

Do you...

  • find you are craving food within a couple of hours of your last meal?

  • struggle with mind fog and only food can help?

  • lack energy for large parts of your day?

  • feel guilty about what or when you eat?


You may notice you end up in a vicious cycle: the more you eat, the worse you feel, and so you eat more…


Are you ready to break out of this demotivating cycle?


My “Banish Cravings”  workshop teaches you how to eat foods that'll quash your cravings; and, I also show you techniques that will stop the cravings before they take hold. 


You will be rid of the guilt and stress you feel when you struggle to control your appetite and able to enjoy eating what you want.

You will gain energy and vitality that allows you to enjoy your relationships and your work much more.

You will be rid of the mind-fog and the unwanted weight that has crept on over the years.


Attend the “Banish Cravings” Workshop 

Change your relationship with food FOREVER 

Choose your spot now!

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Need More Info?

The "Banish Cravings" Workshop will help you:

  • Understand the effects of different types of foods on your body and your stress hormones

  • Learn how to control cravings without resorting to will-power

  • Explore tools that allow you to successfully discard habits that do not serve you - forever 

  • Discover super foods that work for you and your lifestyle

I will share nutrition information that will allow you to design healthy meals that manage your physical and mental symptoms.

I will show you how to retrain your mind so you do not think about food unless you are actually hungry. No need for will power, just effortless serenity and control around food.


You can request access to a private members only group, that will act as a support system while you gain confidence using the tools you have learned.


You’ll get an app that provides you with ongoing information and guidance on using the tools taught and helps you manage your progress.


You can request a 1 hour 1-2-1 consultation to create your personalised lifestyle improvement plan so you can manage change outside of the programme. 

Sessions run on-line via Zoom


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