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Why You Can Stop Beating Yourself Up

Are you…

•    Forever trying to lose weight with minimal or fleeting success?

•    Juggling hectic work and home life – so no time left to look after your health?

•    Struggling with health issues and finding they are now affecting relationships at home and work? 

Would you like to

•    Achieve your health goals without adding even more commitment to your frenetic schedule?

•    Work out what is right for you, so you do not have to deprive yourself in order to achieve your health goals?

•    Realise a sense of serenity around your health, home and work balance?


I would love to help!

I have been there and have several t-shirts from yo-yo dieting, stress eating, and trying all the methods I could find on social media


I have felt the guilt and shame of supposedly not having the “self-discipline” or “self-control” to just eat right and exercise regularly.


I have been exasperated having watched every mouthful and worked out consistently only to find nothing is working

Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 1.33.16 pm.png

My approach is different

I finally learned that will-power is not enough

Exercise while good, is not the only answer

Leaving food groups out of my diet really did not work 

I found out that actually, the incessant pressure in my life was impacting my weight and until I dealt with this, all the calorie counting, and exercising would have fleeting results


I now help my clients using a combination of:

a) Knowledge about employing food as medicine 


b) Transformational Coaching

I use these tools to create new realities that: eliminate cravings, build confidence, engender self-awareness; and design new / sustainable habits


Every client is different, and I coach on a 1-2-1 basis to understand any current blockers; and establish clarity about how you can attain your health goals without sacrificing any other important targets in your life. Indeed, in most cases my clients end up achieving better balance overall across all aspects – health, work and personal life.


If this is what you are looking for, click the button to arrange an initial conversation so we can explore how / whether we can work together.

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