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Supporting Thriving Teams

The physical, emotional and psychological well-being of your people remains a critical lever for ensuring performance and safety in the workplace.


In 2013, a survey of HR directors in UK found that nearly 30% reported burnout as being widespread in their organisations.

It is estimated that stress, anxiety and depression accounts for over 50% of days lost to ill health. 


In many cases it is difficult to recognise symptoms until there has been a significant negative impact either at the individual or organisational level.


What happens to business goals or indeed corporate liability when “something gives way”? 

Will someone hurt themselves? 

Will someone snap and say the wrong thing, leaving the company liable for a big settlement to protect reputations? 

Will a strategic customer be treated poorly, risking turnover & profitability?

I use workshops and podcasts to give teams the tools, techniques and insights through which they can maintain physical and mental health – this way, they can maintain resilience and perform at the top of their game for longer.


Bespoke workshops can be tailored to your requirements and events such as team away days & wellness weeks can be supported as can a variety of awareness tools like podcasts, competitions and webinars.


If you would like to exploit the link between good health and better company performance; while reducing the risk stressed and burned-out people can pose to your business contact me to have a chat about your needs.

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