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Why I Coach

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I fully believe achieving success and fulfilment in our working lives must not and cannot be at the expense of our physical, emotional or mental health.


Everything I do is about helping as many people as possible achieve the wellness we all deserve. 


I understand you; I understand because I have lived it and come out thriving on the other side. 


As a busy professional, wife and mother, I struggled with my weight and with my mental health throughout my 30s and most of my 40s.


I felt acutely the pressure of impostor syndrome and the ill health that excess weight caused for me. 


I was so frustrated, I studied for an advanced diploma in Nutrition, but there was something missing – knowing what to do and understanding the science did not make it any easier to do the right thing. 


Then my life changed. I suffered two blows in very quick succession which meant a family of 4 became a family of 2 in the space of a few months.

I started to question everything, and my priorities changed.


I discovered neuroscience held the answer. Our subconscious has more power over our rational brains than most of us ever realise. 


Our habits and behaviours can be re-moulded through conscious attention. We have the power to develop habits that make our lives much better.


And here is what happened: changing how I thought and behaved around food yielded interesting results… 


I no longer need to stop myself from eating. 


It was easy for me to stop when I was not hungry. 


I knew when I needed soothing and could decide whether I really wanted to use food or something else.


Beyond this I was able to recognise the sources of my struggles with impostor syndrome and perfectionism. 


I no longer need to hide who I am, and I no longer need to please everyone.


I absolutely love the feeling of freedom that has come from my realisations, and I delight in working with people to help them achieve the same too.

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